Video Tagging Condesa

Interdisciplinary Media Project
Medios Digitales / Comunicación Visual
Triangle Research Program
CENTRO University, 2015

Video Tagging Condesa is a research project about an urban district around the park “España” in Mexico City.

It’s about a hybrid area, half park / half city, a kind of membrane between plants and buildings, streets and playgrounds, social activities and quietness.

With the help of a GPS based APP for mobile phones and tablets one could see site specific “video walks”, that construct a layer of information above the urban area. The specially developed application permits the user to find places and situations, that are digitally augmented.

All places are marked in the application map and if one reaches them, the videos will be displayed automatically in the screen.

The project is part of a global serie of site specific video investigations in different cities like Dusseldorf, Munster (Germany) and Barcelona (Spain).


Project leaded by

Profesor Gunnar Friel



Jonathan Ariel Brandenburg, Lydia Berenice Rodriguez Galvan, Inaki Bustillos Isa, Enrique Cortines Martinez, Fabiola Franyutti Urrea, Daniela González López, Luis Heredia Cruz, Alan Hurtado Mendoza, Ruben Lopez Fabbri, Daniela Ramírez Carillo, Carolina Rodríguez Evoli, Marco Rodríguez Ramírez, Jessica Schultz Menache, Tatina Vázquez Estrada, Stephanie Wullschleger



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Video Tagging Condesa is collaborating with the PS2 Research Project of the EU European Union. The "People's Smart Sculpture" (Social Art in European Spaces) program is an European platform for Media Projects in the public space.



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